Car Care Tips

How do I protect my car?


Dirt Dangers

The paint on your car is less than five thousandths (.005) of an inch thick. This does not place much of a barrier between the metal body of your car and the variety of weather conditions that exist throughout the year.

It’s been proven that weekly washing is one of the single most important factors in prolonging the appearance, as well as the resale value, of a car. Dirt traps moisture against the paint and will promote rust. Cleaning a car’s finish weekly in an environment such as ours will eliminate the corrosive action dirt, salt and pollution can create.

We also suggest that the vehicle’s finish receive a protective sealant yearly. The wax or sealant will leave an invisible barrier on the paint which will protect it from most harmful substances.


The Right Touch

We have progressed from hand-washing to automatic brush equipment, from brushes to cloth, and now to the new Right Touch Cleaning System that Water Works is pleased to offer. Soft, warm, soapy water applied under controlled pressure through a series of computerized arches have forever altered the course of car washing.

Through the exclusive use of superior cleaning agents and high pressure water jets, Water Works' “Right Touch” car wash cleans your car better than any other type of car wash.

Our cleaning agents, which have been specifically designed to combat Colorado Springs weather and soil conditions, are regulated daily. The dirt is removed by computerized oscillating arches that develop 600 pounds of pinpoint pressure. This revolutionary new method of using angled nozzles, combined with high pressure, enables us to flush salt and grime from areas of your car that have probably never been reached before — including behind grilles, moldings and bumpers. These areas cannot be reached by hand or by conventional car wash equipment.

The final stage in our “Right Touch” system, is the application of a polishing foam which is buffed with our exclusive "NEOGLIDE" foam pads bringing out the shine of the paint. You must see your car's new glow as it emerges from the final clear water rinse and highvelocity blowers to fully appreciate the "Right Touch Shine!"

Water Works’ “Right Touch” Car Wash is simply the cleanest, safest car wash in town!